Autocorrect word on space or punctuation [duplicate]

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iOS is famous for its Damn You Autocorrect fun, but the way it does it is also very powerful and helps to speed typing immensely. Sailfish offers the word you probably meant at the top of typing, but you have to be focusing well to realise you need to pick it up, and it doesn't work well with punctuation (you need to select the word first, then backspace, then punctuation). This reduces typing fluidity and speed. On iOS hitting space or punctuation will, by default, use the word you probably meant. This works surprisingly well and most of the time you can just type away and let the device figure out what you meant. Yes, sometimes it gets it wrong, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

The N9 also had this option, although it was not on by default.

Not having this means typing on Jolla is clearly slower than on my iPhone or N9.

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If you tap a punctuation key after selecting a word, the space will be replaced by the punctuation character, so no need for backspace. This doesn't work in the browser though, but it works in email and messages.

ssahla ( 2014-02-15 20:33:20 +0300 )edit

Thanks for the tip. I did try that at some point as I guessed it might do that, but didn't. Maybe I was doing it in the browser then. I'd still stick with the original Ask here as it can allow you to type clearly faster.

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An idea does not get better by repeating it:

Please close this question being a duplicate.

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@jgr When you detect a clear duplicate why not mark it as such by re-tagging and then just close it..

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@jjaone: Because the original poster may have reasons and do not see his question as duplicate (and then comment/amend the question accordingly), or at least some other person should confirm that it is a duplicate.

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