[Idea] Get a "care pack" for your loved Jolla

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I think it would be nice, if you could buy something like a "Jolla Care Pack" that extends your 1-year limited guarantee to 2 or maybe 3 years. It could be a source to earn a bit more money for Jolla, it gives users a better feeling because they are on the "save side". Also this safety could assure people to buy a Jolla, if they are not sure, because it's new and in some kind of beta - so not as trustful as well known manufactures.

Also it should be better for nature to give your Jolla some love at the repair service, instead of buying a new one.

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In the EU the seller (interestingly enough, not the manufacturer) is responsible for faults in electronics for two years. The difference between this and a warranty is for the most part negligible (AFAIK), only proper asshats like Apple (used to) give customers a hard time trying to exercise this "statutory warranty". Why Jolla chose to claim a 1-year warranty is beyond me.

attah ( 2014-02-15 22:25:25 +0300 )edit

Not that easy. ;) The seller is the one who has to care about the product, if there are any problems, but that can also mean the seller is sending your device to the manufacturer for repair. Also you don't have a 2 year warranty - in Germany for example, you have 6 months guarantee - in all cases, everything else depends on the manufacturer - in case of Jolla it's 1 year. If the year is over and there are problems YOU have to proof that the problem was there at the moment you bought the device.

AlphaX2 ( 2014-02-16 20:57:53 +0300 )edit

Not sure i follow what you are saying there.. And it is correct that the task to prove it was there from the beginning falls on you.. however usually that just means showing you haven't messed with the internals, dropped it badly etc (i.e. you couldn't have caused it). I still think it is proper asshattery to not give two years, so there wouldn't be this issue. Even Apple does that nowadays it seems...

attah ( 2014-02-19 22:43:48 +0300 )edit

I'm working in a electronics store - so I know the situation a little - a least for Germany. Here it's by law that everything has to be fixed in the first 6 months that is not caused by you. Because in the first six months the law "thinks" it was there at the moment you bought it. Every longer term support/warranty etc. depends on the manufacturer of the device. Apple and some other (HP, Lenovo for example) giving 1 year warranty, BUT (want) selling care packs. So Jolla should IMHO. :)

AlphaX2 ( 2014-02-19 22:51:36 +0300 )edit