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[Vision]Use your sailfish device everywhere(mobile & stationary)

asked 2014-02-16 10:36:55 +0300

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updated 2014-02-16 10:39:26 +0300

I still have the dream of having one (smartphone) device (my jolla phone for example) that I can

  1. carry with me everywhere
  2. plugin everywhere (TV, car, monitor,...)
  3. use best suitable input/output according to the scenario (e.g. build-in keyboard,, touchscreen, office keyboard, car steering,... / smartphone display, TV, Monitor, car on board display)
  4. carry my data with me , because it's on the core device...

So what would we need for that?

Input/Output for mobile use

The core device / phone uses best input methods that suits in your pocket. So here touch display with either good ondisplay keyboard or hardware keyboard is needed.

Input/Output for office use

It's necessary to use your office keyboard and mouse to be connected to your phone on the one hand and your monitor on the other hand. While doing that via bluetooth, usb <-> hdmi it is still necessary to connect to power. So actually the usb port is to be powered and can't be used for connecting keyboard/mouse at the same time. The other thing is that the device should have a hdmi output possibility (via separate connector or via usb). Thes thoughts include a possible mouse pointer, support for hd resolutions and so on...

Input/Output in front of yor TV

Connect it via HDMI to your TV, use a gyroscope remote control (usb) to add keyboard and mouse functionality to your scenario (look for example measy rc11). So you can control your device mouse pointer like with a Wii controler and have a mini keyboard as well for input - not larger than a standard tv remote.

Input/Output in car

Bluetooth connections for audio (music/telephony) to use the in car speakers. HDMI connection to the car board display with touch ui - optionally also use the steering whell buttons to control volume, next/previous,mute.

So you can imagine more and more scenarios in which you always use the best input / output methods of the special scenario. But - use your phone as your central unit, that you always carry with you. It should be powerful enough to get internet connection in every scenario and adapt to the different input/output devices to get optimal user experience.

Imagine a Jolla device that features HDMI output, Bluetooth, USB and that dream could come true...

I dream that dream already from ancient Maemo times - perhaps you remember my ligthning talk in Berlin and what parts of that dream were possible with the Nokia tablets there.

Reality or vision? Maemo tablets for mobile and desktop use.

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answered 2014-02-16 17:08:07 +0300

00prometheus gravatar image

My dream office use for a phone is remote X/Wayland based (not sure what this Wayland stuff can do, though). Connecting mouse, screen and keyboard to the phone via remote X seems much more convenient from my point of view. I dream I just need to start a PC client (perhaps just a script), my phone still in my pocket, and I'm set to go, with full-version office applications and all. When I move to a different PC, I just reconnect to the session and continue exactly from where I left off, with the same windows and documents still open.

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answered 2014-02-17 17:09:39 +0300

vattuvarg gravatar image

The Desk

A slightly different desktop setting would be to use the phone as touch pad and just add a keyboard (something like the short Penclic keyboards). The keyboard (and a mouse for those who dislike the touchpad idea) could be connected to a powered USB hub. A single USB3 compatible port on the phone would cater for all communications (including screen data) as well as charging. Data is stored on the phone, on media connected to the hub or uploaded to network storage. A bluetooth headset is used for telephony and other media.

The Tube

The TV is replaced by something more like a domestic server unit (running sailfishOS). It isn't just a TV with a browser. It's a Tube that pipes visuals to a big screen or a projector. It contains one or more receivers for TV or radio data. It is the NAS unit of the household, expandable with external harddisks. All recordings (audio or video) can be downloaded or streamed to phones or pads via WLAN. There's no remote. Instead the phones of the household interact with the domestic server. The tiny screen can be shown on the bigger one, if needed, but still manipulated with the touchscreen. The phone can even become a keyboard/touchpad for the server with a simple NFC tap.

The Helm

I've described the Jolla Helm idea (for bikes/boats/cars) in another thread. Please note the new deck of Cards idea, ok? How the active covers are organized becomes increasingly important with bigger screens.

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