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Black screen on incoming and after phone call [not relevant]

asked 2013-12-26 20:00:28 +0300

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updated 2014-07-25 13:36:52 +0300

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I've noticed that sometimes, when finishing phone call, instead of seeing the screen with call summary (or 'End the call' button) I just see black screen. I have to doubletap it (unblock phone) to see anything. This has happened few times already. Similar issue happened to me two or three times when I wanted to answer incoming call - I've heard the phone ringing but just black screen was shown, and again, after doubletap I was able to see expected "incoming call screen".

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i have that to... could be proximity sensor set off after some time... fix for this is really needed...

Miki ( 2013-12-26 21:06:53 +0300 )edit

I've had that too, it's very irritating it seems that sometimes the proximity sensor isn't working properly or something like that. Please fix Jolla.

BonoNL ( 2014-01-01 22:48:26 +0300 )edit

I have had this 3 times only in incoming calls. But double tapping didn't work. Had to force shutdown and restart via power button. No missed call is seen in call history after restart.

DarkWhite ( 2014-08-06 12:37:57 +0300 )edit

I have had the same issue a few times now and I have to force shutdown the phone to get the screen back. I think it might be when I tap 'End Call' or something too quickly after the call finishes. Strangely, I think the phone is still responding, but the screen isn't coming on (as I can swipe and if I press the right part of the phone I get a vibration). Not sure that's reproducible though..

DrCheeseCake ( 2014-09-22 17:55:03 +0300 )edit

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answered 2013-12-27 09:22:05 +0300

cartron gravatar image

Same here, quite annoying.

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Me too.. Most obnoxious.

zenzen ( 2013-12-27 15:12:41 +0300 )edit

answered 2013-12-27 10:40:49 +0300

tace gravatar image

I had that too couple of times

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