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I have just tried to install Skype_1.5.0.13_3UK_live.apk from it's missing from their servers, but I found a copy on my tablet, (it a Skype app, that works by making Skype calls as voice calls, so therefore no need to be on-line all the time, see old iSkoot posts on the net) and installed it as per post here.

When I launch it, I got asked to install Android Support which I did. Once the app is running I fill in my username / password and press Sign in and message "Sorry, unable to sign you in. Please try again later." will appear shortly. I have checked that both username / password are correct :(

I remember that on Symbian phones, there was a specific APN that the app wanted to connect via, but I am unable to create more than one APN :( could it be the reason for the app not working?

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