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Ringtone not changing

asked 2014-02-20 18:04:20 +0300

updated 2014-02-21 15:00:13 +0300

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Hi folks,

I have a problem with my Jolla's ringtone. It won't change at all, it stays only as the default ringtone. I'm using the white TOH and my own ambiance. I have had some problems (not anymore) with my TOH: Phone has given errors like "this TOH is already in use" or something like that. My TOHs nfc "sticker" in the (in side) back is a bit came off. So can this have some kind of connection with my ringtone problem.

Ty :)

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answered 2014-02-21 13:29:07 +0300

vlow gravatar image

Ambiences can (not must) define their own ringtones. If you use your own ambience, you can change the ringtones bound to it under Gallery -> Ambiences. Note that you have to make them a favorite in order to show the sound options. The official TOH Ambiences (Aloe and Black) have fixed ringtones (Snow White does just contain some wallpapers, no ringtones). So if you have one of those TOHs, the ringtone should change when choosing their ambience from the ambience-view (swipe to the side on your main view).

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