Decline receiving call drops the call

asked 2014-02-20 19:59:40 +0300

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If you decline an incoming call, it does not get forwarded to the voicemail. It disconnects the line and the caller does not hear anything. The ring stops.

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It looks that I have a similar problem. Very often when make or get a call my partner doesn´t hear me. Then when I took my phone from my Ear I see "Incoming call" and I have to cancel the incoming call and to reactivate the current call. My description is maybe not so accurate, because my Jolla has the German language. Very often I hear my calling-partner very "far away " and he doesn´t hear me . A few seconds later everything is ok and crystal-clear. Is it possible that this is a Bug in the new OS-Verion because I don´t remember these behavior of the Phone before.

RR_aus_H ( 2014-02-20 22:32:11 +0300 )edit

I am not sure if that is similar to my issue. My phone is very consistent in doing this.

What I am talking about is when receiving a call, you have the option to go to pulley-menu on top or pulley-menu on bottom.

If you cannot pickup the phone at the time, you can go to the pulley-menu at the bottom and pick Decline. The expected behavior for this option is to redirect the call to Voice Mail. But instead, the call is dropped & caller hears no more rings & wonder what happened to the call.

AbyZThomas ( 2014-02-20 22:58:51 +0300 )edit

Sorry for these confused comment but my phone (or me) has two problems: The first one is the same like yours and indeed very constant. I am shure that my settings for incoming calls, when I´m talking, should be immediatelly directed to the mailbox. And normally my settings for "Call Wait" are off #43#. So I don´t understand why the second call is disturbing me in my first call and is not immediately directed to the mailbox!

The second thing is the "far away" voice and that the caller don´t hear me for a few seconds or more. Then I took the phone away from my ear and look if i switched something accidently with my ear or so. When I put it back to my ear, most of the time, the connection works good again. So my presumption is, that maybe, one of the sensors of the phone works more sensible or different then before the OS-Update.

RR_aus_H ( 2014-02-21 00:14:49 +0300 )edit