Bug: Jolla looses contact data when G+ logs out with no easy way to know about it and no ability to force resync [duplicate]

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And it happened exactly when I needed to recall their new addresses... Thanks to memory and Google Contacts, I was able to

Sorry, I don't have real details and I don't know what happens, still I would love Jolla to do an investigation, it is no good to loose contact data even in more peaceful situations.

The only details I have:

  1. Accounts I use: one Google, one facebook, one jolla, one twitter (but no contact sync in twitter)
  2. My mom's contact: comes from G+ (two different G+ contacts from the same account linked together) and Facebook It lost some details (phone numbers, address), but some stayed (e.g. g+ website address and FB chat id)
  3. My dad's account: comes from G+ - disappeared completely

Then when I almost completed writing this bug report I went to account Settings.. and Google account was somehow logged out. After logging back in Mom's account restored the details. Some minutes later dad's reappeared...

So Jolla looses G+ contact data when account is logged in and there is no easy way to even know about it, nor to force contact sync now and see the progress. Please, fix

EDIT: cleaned out emotions, doesn't really matter to this bug

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I have just lost today my phone numbers from google, when I needed to make a call. Seems related. I deleted, then added google account completly but those contacts with phone numbers are still missing.

SMS messages are still there with their senders phone number but no names associated with them. Same with the call log.

Macilaci457 ( 2014-02-21 19:47:51 +0300 )edit

At a guess, it sounds like the output of the sync API has changed somehow, and we're synchronizing a smaller data set than we previously were. Especially if removing and re-adding the account does not restore the missing data...

MattVogt ( 2014-02-22 06:29:48 +0300 )edit