[bug] xmpp authentication settings lost on network interface state change

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My XMPP account settings getting lost, when I

  • am connected to internet with Wifi, and I switch off and on WiFi
  • am connected to internet with Mobile Data Connection, and I switch off and on MDC
  • turning off MDC and switch to WiFi
  • turning off WiFi and switch to MDC
  • have Wifi or Mobile Data connection unavailability
  • after reboot and connection with either WiFi or MDC

Each time that happens I am notified that I have to update my account settings, meaning that I have to reenter my username and password. Upon update, connection is established as long as one of the above events occur. This behavior persists also after rebooting the device.

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I've now had the same problem a couple of times recently, though I'm not quite as sure about the sequence of events. My XMPP account settings were lost, I couldn't reconnect to the jabber account, with the same message "account needs updating" until I re-entered the password. This is quite a bit annoying.

Have you ever managed to resolve this?

FrederikF ( 2015-05-23 17:12:32 +0300 )edit

This problem still persists with (Taalojärvi). It seems to be due to (parts of?) the account authentication code not differentiating between retryable ("authentication server can't be reached") and non-retryable ("incorrect password") errors. When a retryable error happens (at the wrong portion of code?), the account is tagged as being unusable ("needs updating") because login didn't succeed.

It would be nice if this long-living bug were fixed, I also refer to similar questions in my request #102762 https://together.jolla.com/question/102762/more-reasonable-error-messages-for-account-errors/

ExTechOp ( 2016-07-21 17:55:41 +0300 )edit