Enhancement UI: Answering a silenced call

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Incoming call


Picking up the phone (e.g. sliding out of a pocket), thereby inadvertently pressing the power button


  • Phone has become silent.
  • Screen is switched off.

To answer the call now, you have to:

  1. Double tap the screen or press the power button again.
  2. Tap the [1 call in progress] button on the screen (which on first sight appears to be a notification only, not a button, see screen shot below).
  3. Select "Answer" from the pulley menu.

Result, quite often: Until all these steps are done, the call has already been forwarded to the voice mail number.


  • Reduce the number of interactions required to answer the call after the power button has been pressed.
  • Make the procedure more intuitive.


  • Instead of a single line [1 call in progress] provide the option to answer the call straight away (the options decline and SMS can be summarized to the second options: Sending an SMS is not time critical and can hence be offered as a next step after declining).
  • In the pulley menu provide "Answer" as the top option (i.e. active when pulled down completely).
  • After tapping [1 call in progress] provide an [Answer] button exactly in the position, where the [1 call in progress] button has been, effectively meaning that a double-tap on the [1 call in progress] button answers that call, i.e. at best a quadruple-tap on the black screen will answer the call.

Screen shot of [1 call in progress] button:

[1 call in progress] button

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