Location-based ambiance [duplicate]

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I'm an Android user, was a WebOs user 3 years ago (just before it got killed). I'm getting really interested by Sailfish OS and I find it REALLY Beautiful and intuitive to use. Plus, the fact that it will be instalable on android device and the usage of android app is a super idea to allow Android users to switch easily. Anyways, back to the subject: On my Nexus 4, since more than 4 months, I've been using the homescreen called Aviate (that has been bought lately by Yahoo). What's special about it is that it automatically propose you apps and information without you having to look for it, and it is all based on your location (yes it's almost like google now). Do you think it will be posible to add such kind of feature to sailfish OS? Like programmig where is work and where is home and when you entre that location, ambiance automatically changes and profiles like wifi and sound changes depending on how you set it up.

Good luck.

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