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Why there is no "SailfishOS Emulator.vbox" separately, without SDK?

asked 2014-02-23 13:28:57 +0300

SD_Lucas gravatar image

updated 2014-02-23 13:35:10 +0300

I think my question is obvious.

I would like to see it. I do not want to develop anything. Why should i download 750Mb in Linux executable and install it uncontrollably into my system?

I would like to have "SailfishOS Emulator.vbox" separately.

Thanks in advance.

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answered 2014-02-23 13:36:42 +0300

koudi gravatar image

1) You don't have to install it, you can unpack the installer and find the proper file. 2) I assume there is no separate simulator, because it's meant for developers, not normal users. If you want to see sailfish, you better find some store or friend who has it, or watch some youtube videos, because the simulator image is very limited. It doesn't show you much of the system, it's only meant to run app you're working on.

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What do you mean by "you can unpack the installer". It is *.run executable = SailfishOSSDK-Alpha-1312-Qt5-linux-64-offline.run I do not think it is simple archive.

But in anyway if they provide vbox disk, that I should be able run it under VBox.

Correct me, if I'm wrong.

SD_Lucas ( 2014-02-23 13:43:04 +0300 )edit

Run with -h parameter to see all options. One of them allows you to extract content withtout installing (don't remember which one right now).

koudi ( 2014-02-23 13:44:57 +0300 )edit

~$ ./SailfishOSSDK-Alpha-1312-Qt5-linux-64-offline.run --help Usage: SDKMaintenanceTool [OPTIONS]

User: --help Show commandline usage
--version Show current version
--checkupdates Check for updates and return an XML file describing the available updates
--updater Start in updater mode.
--manage-packages Start in packagemanager mode.
--proxy Set system proxy on Win and Mac.
This option has no effect on Linux.
--verbose Show debug output on the console
--create-offline-repository Offline installer only: Create a local repository inside the installation directory based on the offline installer's content.

Developer: --runoperation [OPERATION] [arguments...] Perform an operation with a list of arguments --undooperation [OPERATION] [arguments...] Undo an operation with a list of arguments --script [scriptName] Execute a script
--no-force-installations Enable deselection of forced components --addRepository [URI] Add a local or remote repo to the list of user defined repos. --addTempRepository [URI] Add a local or remote repo to the list of temporary available repos.
--setTempRepository [URI] Set a local or remote repo as tmp repo, it is the only one used during fetch.
Note: URI must be prefixed with the protocol, i.e. file:/// http:// or ftp://. It can consist of multiple addresses separated by comma only.
--show-virtual-components Show virtual components in package manager and updater --binarydatafile [binary_data_file] Use the binary data of another installer or maintenance tool. --update-installerbase [new_installerbase] Patch a full installer with a new installer base --dump-binary-data -i [PATH] -o [PATH] Dumps the binary content into specified output path (offline installer only).
Input path pointing to binary data file, if omitted the current application is used as input.

I can't see any option that allow my to even see a content.

Thanks in advance

SD_Lucas ( 2014-02-23 13:59:43 +0300 )edit


koudi ( 2014-02-23 14:04:25 +0300 )edit

Thanks. I will try when I download it.

SD_Lucas ( 2014-02-23 14:10:34 +0300 )edit
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