What to expect and want from the Partnership with Makia? [not relevant]

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This is so, going to be a nice start of the year. We are going to get to many new and exciting "TOH" addons as well as all kind of different and unique upgrades to the phone. So, my question now is regarding the Partnership with Makia, the company from Finland, who actually backing up the Zimbabwe's Olympic Team clothes, what will we get, and what do you guys wish to see?

Of course they are doing the "TOH", but I'm also hoping them to do something else, some small bags or covers entirely. the "sky" is the limit.

So what do you guys think? What might they implement to the "The Other Half", and could they actually do something else as well.?

Ideas here, and wishes :)

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There's already the jolla pipo by makia. ...headware, if you wonder. A cap that looks pretty much like the ones sailors use. http://jollasuomi.fi/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/1395973_602293566493751_342826455_n-600x380.jpg

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