Media app network stream buffering bug

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Media app buffering bug

There is an issue with Media app when you play Internet radio channel and pause the channel for longer time than the network buffer lasts.

Because Sailfish is so power efficient while multitasking apps, there is no need to close apps if you know that you will need them later. I would not want to close Media app when I know that I am going to use it later. It would be very convenient to start my favorite Internet radio back on just by swiping play from app cover.

The problem is, that after a certain lenght of pause (>3 minutes) Media app continues to play from where it was last left, until buffer is run out and then stops. Now you need to push play again to get radio stream playing again.

Example case of this bug:

You listen your internet radio channel on your way to work. At work you pause your radio (or pull your headphone plug which will pause the internet radio). At the evening when you left at work, you put your headphones back on and swipe play from media app cover in multitasking screen. Media app starts playing your internet radios morning show from the 8 hours a go. Playing continues while the buffer is empty (couple of minutes). Then the radio stops. Now you need to pull the phone from the jacket pocket remove your gloves and push the play button again to get radio playing again.

Suggested solution

Make Media app to discard old buffer if pause is longer than the lenght of the buffer and then start playing new material after pause.

To test this bug do the following:

  1. Open Internet radio channel with Sailfish browser. Radio channel should appear in the Media app playlist by itself. (

  2. Play radio over 3 minutes.

  3. Pause radio over 3 minutes.

  4. Start playing radio... show continues to play from where it was paused. If you have Network monitor app installed, you can see that there is no incoming network traffic (= no buffering).

  5. Radio stops after about 1 minute.

  6. Push play to start playing fresh network stream.

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This bug keeps annoying. While walking and listening Internet radio there is a phone call. I answer and have a few minutes of conversation. Phone call ends and radio program continues to play. I put the phone in the jacket pocket and pull my glove in hand. Couple of minutes later radio program stops playing. Doh! Media app has run out of buffered network stream. Have to pull phone from jacket pocket and switch play from app cover and then radio program continues.

Jolla095 ( 2014-10-08 10:01:50 +0300 )edit