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Wma music files

asked 2014-02-25 13:36:50 +0300

Hans gravatar image

Media player recognizes and plays wma files but makes one file of unknown artist. If you tap on the file 'no content available appears', if you then pull down and choose 'list all songs', the player shows all the wma files and you can play them. Mp3 music is sorted by artist and album. Why not for wma music files?

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Good question ... and I finally understood where this "Unknown artist" pile in my media player comes from. However, after doing "list all songs" I can see these files, but not play them. I guess we will have to convert to mp3 eventually.

Deonith ( 2014-03-17 19:13:55 +0300 )edit

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answered 2015-07-05 16:23:00 +0300

Quawerty gravatar image

updated 2015-07-05 16:29:04 +0300

The os have a database of media files, documents and applications. If you add a file into your phone or sd card, there are several background processes in the systems, called miners, which will crawl the content and add its information into the system database along with links to the actual files. This is where all the players and other apps takes the data from, no magic involved.

Now, the actual trouble seems to be that the media crawler can not handle tags in WMA files. (So the file is added into the database without any metadata like artist, alvum, name etc. )

edit: There is a reason for no support for wma described in here: https://together.jolla.com/question/6357/wma-music-record-unprotected-content-cant-play/

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Your thread suggests that the phone can't play aac audio but that work just fine. Also "Jolla didn't include support" conflicts with "you can play them". Why should they compile support into the audio stack when it's not supported?

So I guess your "media crawler can not handle tags in WMA files" is correct but googling for that issue is hard as you land on torrent sites almost instantly with search terms such as "tracker" and "wma".

V10lator ( 2015-07-06 13:44:31 +0300 )edit

I can not state anything about aac support since I did no research on that topic. Now about wma support: Jolla standard music player allows you to add wma files to the queue, but no playback happens. Daedalus act the same. So, Sailfish naturally does no support wma, as discussed in the link. (I did not say you can play them, btw.)

Short conclusion: Sailfish does not support wma. If you have third party player which can play wma, it can get the files from os db, but not the metadata.

Quawerty ( 2015-07-07 01:52:22 +0300 )edit

IIRC the Tracker miner (eq. the thing indexing your audio and other files) uses separate media decoding library (IIRC TRacker uses ffmpeg while the media player uses Gstreamer) so it's possible the two can support different set of codecs and I seem to remember that this sort of mismatch has already happened in he past.

MartinK ( 2017-10-16 01:36:10 +0300 )edit

answered 2017-10-16 00:25:58 +0300

clementb gravatar image

just switch from N900 to jolla. wma was ok with N900. what did we lose ?

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N900 is Nokia, Jolla is Jolla.

WMA is a Windows invention, as a result, it is licensable, Jolla hasn't paid for the privilege. no WMA 'support'.

Spam Hunter ( 2017-10-16 00:39:26 +0300 )edit

thanks for ans. it sounds i need to re-rip my CD in flac ... it will take a while but will get great sound and no size issues with noadays sd (:-) !

clementb ( 2017-10-16 00:58:08 +0300 )edit

I favour plain old MP3, I have such a large collection of music after 40 years, I can no longer be bothered to convert some of the older stuff, which in the days of dial up it was common to download files (via Napster mainly) with a bit rate of 128kbps, but then, my hard drive was only 4GB with 128mb ram and a 3 minute mp3 took around 15 minutes to download, lol.

Spam Hunter ( 2017-10-16 01:06:20 +0300 )edit
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