Basic functions, like calendar, call log, etc

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I wish all the basic functions in Jolla would work without problems, then it could be sold to masses more easily.

For example: Calendar: - Once I have set repeating happening, I can't change any specifig dates information to that event without changing them all. - What is this list of execptions in calendar entry? It shows all past dates when that calendar entry occured. - I can't see the alarm time without going to modify entry state - I wish the missed alarm for event would be shown in first screen (sorry can't remember the correct names now).

Sounds: - I have silenced all keyboard sounds. When I make a call so that I give the number (it's not in my persons list), all the typings comes with sound.

Call log: - It shows only the latest called or received call to specifig number, there is no history information available. I wish there was.

In general: - the first page (what is shown when I double tap the screen), I don't get the value of it compared to (is it) notification screen what you get swiping from bottom. To me it seams there is two really big screens and so little information in them, and when there is, it's written so small. What's the point having big screen if you don't use it.

I'm sure many of these have been already solved, I just didn't have as much time to spend studying my new Jolla as I wished. So if any of you have answers to my questions, hopes and wishes. Please let me know.

Oh, and you guys rock. Please keep on doing your good work. :)

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use the search functionality and you will find most of these are already mentioned, so you can go and upvote those ones.

ymb ( 2014-02-27 14:11:21 +0300 )edit