slow mobile network

asked 2014-02-27 17:59:45 +0300

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The internet connection is really slow. I get max 5kb/s so I must have only 2g active even the lock screen shows 3g. I've tried to toggle 2g/3g and restart.

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I noticed that mitäkuuluu isn't working due to connection problem, not even through wifi.What should I do? Reset the whole device and start from scratch?

juha_h ( 2014-02-27 22:59:33 +0300 )edit

link text

I can't manually choose the internet provider because it just doesn't find any network. Check the link above.

juha_h ( 2014-03-01 08:43:43 +0300 )edit

Even my Jolla is also not taking coverage as if nokia does. 3G is heating up the battery in 2-3secs and drain down to 50% soon.

Twinklestar1792 ( 2014-10-01 18:12:09 +0300 )edit