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asked 2014-02-27 22:45:33 +0300

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Currently there seems to be only one preview option: 1 line sender, 1 line subject, 2 lines content preview

I would like to have a choice of different levels of details. E.g. I would prefer to see only sender & subject such that I have more mails on one screen. This would make it easier to get a quick overview and e.g. sort out spams or emails to be read on the desktop PC. For this purpose I would like to be able to select a range of emails, e.g. using a two finger selection (one finger on the first mail to be selected, then the second on the last one).

Ideally, the level of details would be different for portrait and for landscape mode. E.g. I would like to use portrait to see as many mails as possible, delete the spams etc. and then switch to landscape to have a preview mode as currently (or maybe with 3 to four lines of content preview).



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An option to deactivate the content preview in email overview could be helpfull.

Totti ( 2019-02-09 15:10:15 +0300 )edit