Error: "You already have a Jolla account on the device"

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Hi all, Up until yesterday, I was accessing the Jolla store OK. Today I received my black TOH. When I attached it to the phone tried to connect to the store (presumably to download the theme/ringtone, etc). I saw a message saying:

No accounts set yet. Pull down to add your account or create new Jolla account.

So I pulled down to add my account. I entered the correct credentials and then saw the following error:

Oops, problem with account creation You already have a Jolla account on the device Go back to try again, or skip now and add this account later.

How do I resolve this issue?

update 2: I think there is a problem with the Jolla store. When I attach the black TOH it goes to the Jolla Store successfully and when I start to download the Keira Black ambience it stalls. There is also another app that shows update available, and that too has stalled. I can visit web sites and receive emails fine so the WiFi is working just fine.

Update 1: I went in to settings > accounts and selected "re-signin" and then loaded Jolla Store and now I can access it. About to try TOH to see if it works.

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Thanks for your help, I recieved the same error message after I reset my device. After doing a "Update sign-in credentials" I managed to connect to the Store again.

WilliePre ( 2014-04-25 23:56:13 +0300 )edit