What's with this game: Sokoban Garden 3D for Jolla

asked 2014-02-28 17:14:28 +0300

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I found a nice video on YouTube about a native (?) 3D game for Sailfish called "Sokoban Garden 3D":


The developers of the game say that they have submitted it to the Jolla Store a few days after release of the phone. But the game never showed up at the store and they never heard anything from the Jolla support. So my question is: What's with this game? What problems stop this from being released? Thanks for your help.

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Well, according to the youtube info, it uses libGDX and Universal Tween Engine, both of which are Java libraries (with Android support). So the game is probably written in Java. Unless it's an Android app. I suspect the Jolla Store probably just doesn't support Java apps yet.

ovekaaven ( 2014-02-28 20:16:37 +0300 )edit