Ability to rapidly return to the last application before locking [duplicate]

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There should be some way to easily return to the last application I had on screen.

That is, let's say I'm in Fingerterm when I lock the device. I should then have a fast way of getting back to that Fingerterm when I unlock the device: currently I not only need to swipe the lock-screen off but also choose the Fingerterm to be on front. If you're following a conversation without keeping your display on it gets old pretty fast :).

On N900 the same was simply unlocking the device with the switch (or by swiping the unlock-symbol after pressing power button) and you were back to the last application — switching on and off could take less than a second. I suppose the same concept won't work for Jolla (because there is a lock screen with functionality), but perhaps there could be a swipe to left/right that would go to the last application running. (Currently both left and right show an ambience to choose from.) Could be another special gesture. Even an entry in the pulley menu would be slightly better (but not much). (Personally I think choosing Ambience itself could be in the pulley menu instead.)

Actually I would really love if I could just left/right swipe in the lock-screen and get back to the application. (Simply having the application available for opening with a touch in the lock-screen wouldn't be as guarded against accidents.)

I can see that also navigation, chat and media applications could benefit from this.

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duplicate of this

also, see screenborder swipe

AL13N ( 2013-12-27 00:22:01 +0300 )edit

Well, so it appears the duplicate issue was fixed and released a long time ago. However, "With the latest update we are introducing a 30 seconds timeout after the screen blanks that will allow you to do exactly what you described" is not what I mean. (Ie. return to the last app only in the case when I'm doing it immediately after the device has automatically locked itself.)

What I mean, when I lock the device, put it to the pocket, get it out, and then I have a faster way to return to the application I had running prior to locking, regardless how long it had been that way. The ability to see when the device is going to locked state is not helpful for that scenario.

flux ( 2014-11-03 10:21:32 +0300 )edit