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I know it looks silly, but I just received my phone (yessss! only one week), and went through tutorial and setup, just to discover I typed my name wrong. Now the phone greets me with another name (at the end of the tutorial). I digged through options, and also in together, but could not find how to change it. Do I have to reset the phone? Version (still): Thanks.

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Hi Maguilo - your question is a virtual duplicate of; Please consider closing your question and voting on the link above. Regards,

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(I closed this question, as I suspect @magullo haven't got enough "karma points" to close questions yet.)

Added an attempt of an answer, to the question @Markkyboy linked above.

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@phle - Ah, of course, forgot about karma points/control. (was only thinking about giving the poster a chance to do it himself), doh!, ta for reminder! :)

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@Markkyboy - No worries, I've done the same myself. :-)

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