Idea: Tricorder other half

asked 2014-03-10 21:51:14 +0200

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I´d love to see a "Tricorder" TOH, which gives us more control over the electromagnetic spectrum and data around us. To put it simple: Pack it with sensors!

This could be used for self monitoring, home automation and various analysis tasks.


  • DVB-T tuner (hopefully compatible with RTL-SDR)
  • Infrared sensor and transmitter
  • 433 Mhz Transceiver for home automation
  • Ultrasonic sensor
  • Barometric pressure sensor

The possibilities are endless :-)

My questions for you:

  • what do you think about it? A waste of time or a cool toy?
  • does anyone know if something like this is already in development?
  • would this be hard as DIY project? Most components are cheap and talk i2c.
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I think, it will be too startrekish. With star trek ambience and star trek design of TOH it will be interesting and somehow useful. But I don't mind where I could use it. imho

gunt3er ( 2014-03-11 10:11:42 +0200 )edit