[feature] Sound preview in ambience chooser

asked 2014-03-15 12:51:11 +0300

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If I have many ambiences that I've favourited I can see them in the ambience chooser (whatever it's called, I forget). If I long-press one, I can remove it from favourites, which is nice enough.

But I tend to forget which sounds get activated, so I'd like some manner of previewing them right from the chooser. It's happened a couple of times that I didn't immediately realize that it was my phone ringing and not someone else's.

I have three potential solutions:

  1. Add another menu option to the long-press: Preview ringtone
  2. Add smaller ">" ("play") icon to each tile (which changes to "[]" (stop) icon while playing)
  3. Change long-press to offer icons in the same way as when closing multiple running apps: "X" for un-favourite, ">" for preview ringtone + "[]" stop
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What you request is a single-problem-solution. With more settings becoming attached to the Ambiences, you will get more and more such problems, i.e. not exactly remembering what setting you applied to a certain Ambience. Therefore, it does not make sense to have a solution just for the ring tone.

I expect, the only sensible long-term solution to your problem would be, that the context menu gets an entry: "Open settings screen".

jgr ( 2014-03-16 00:28:32 +0300 )edit