Ambience Chooser screen: Mark the currently active Ambience [released]

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I have 2 Ambiences, that are very similar regarding their image. On the top level screens, it often is difficult, impossible to tell, which of the 2 Ambiences is active at the moment. Therefore it would be nice to have an indication on the Ambience Chooser screen, which of the Ambiences is active at the moment.

Possible solutions:

  • Add a dot or asterisk * or other symbol in front or at the end of the currently active Ambience's name.
  • Write the currently active Ambience's name in a different color / color saturation
  • Frame the currently active Ambience's screen area
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Of those presented solutions I would vote the second one.

Just wonder, why this hasn't been implemented, should be very easy !?

Upp15 ( 2014-11-29 11:39:36 +0300 )edit