email: Pinch-zoom inconsistency (plain text emails)

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When viewing a non-HTML (ie. plain text) email, the pinch-zoom gesture doesn't zoom the email - instead it opens the pulley menu.

However when the user __is__ viewing an HTML email, the pinch-zoom gesture will zoom the email (as expected) and does not activate the pulley menu.

This inconsistency in pinch-zoom/pulley behaviour is annoying as the user may believe they are viewing an HTML email when it is in fact plain text, and when executing the pinch-zoom gesture on such a plain text email the user will accidentally activate the pulley menu. This can result in the accidental selection of a pulley menu item (eg. forward, reply etc.) although usually it just means the entire Pulley menu is pulled down. Either way, it's annoying as it's not the intended action of the user, which was to do something that isn't possible so should have resulted in __no UI response__ whatsoever.

This inconsistency can be eliminated by disabling the Pulley menu during a pinch-zoom gesture on ALL email types, both HTML and non-HTML. In other words, the UI and in particular the Pulley menu should not respond to the pinch-zoom gesture when a plain text email is being viewed/displayed.

Tested with:

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