Battery level bug [duplicate]

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  • Battery level was at 30%.
  • Started recording a video.
  • After around 30 sec the screen turned black.
  • Tried with double tapping the screen, pressing the power (lock) button and finally "jolla" appeared on the screen (not sure if this was a reboot, probably yes).
  • A notification appeared that battery level is low and the phone should be charged. Looked at the battery level and it was at 0%!
  • Connected charger and after a few seconds looked at the screen, the battery level was showing 27%.

This has never happened to me before and I updated the phone to yesterday.

I know this could be related to these questions: and and but it looks to me that this is a separate issue (battey level from 30% to 0% and again to 27%).

Edit 21.3.Happened today again. Found an answer (within an old question with many up votes) regarding this exact topic here: so closing question and commenting there.

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It looks very duplicate to me. Please consider closing this and vote for/comment on already open issues instead of wasting votes on several separate issues.

Tanghus ( 2014-03-19 01:23:49 +0200 )edit