[Bug] Scrollbar occasionally runs away from the edge of screen

asked 2014-03-18 13:18:03 +0300

Sinikivi gravatar image


I noticed strange issue in Gallery with certain images. I am not exactly sure how to reproduce this bug (however you do need a fairly large image) but the result is that when you're zoomed into the picture, the scrollbar(s) might free themselves from the edges of the screen and the float away as you zoom in/out and move the picture.

Then I need to close the Gallery and start it again, or switch to an image smaller than the screen size of Jolla to reset things how they're supposed to be. I tried to look if anyone had reported this issue but didn't find anything. Have you seen this kind of behaviour before? I'm currently running "Ohijärvi" update. The picture was taken today with the Screenshot application which can be found from the Jolla Store.

The smallest image I've managed to make this happen has the heigth of 2500 and width of 1680. It's a PNG image with Kantan Collection theme (a popular Japanese browser based naval strategy game). A small portion of it can be seen above. The full image, if it helps, can be found from the Pixiv with the id: 41554820

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