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Should be able to lock phone at once when having delay before automatically locking

asked 2014-03-18 20:52:12 +0300

Trizt gravatar image

When having the setting system->device lock->automatic locking->5min+ you want to be able to lock the device without waiting those five minutes, either by swiping down on the home screen or using the power button when so is desired (there may be moments when you do not want to lock the device, but just close the screen).

One suggestion is that you can configure in the device settings the default action for the power button and for the swipe down (option: close screen, close screen and lock device, lock device) An alternative for the swipe gesture would be that pulling through the lock image (introduced in, then you lock the device, swiping without going trough the lock, would just close the screen.

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It would be handy to be able to lock the device from the lock screen pulley menu. With the latest 1.0.7... version the pulley menu is already customizable, but a simple lock command would be handy if added in the settings for it, instead of just applications. It might also be nice if this manual locking would require the user to input the lock code (or there could be a setting for this), at least if the automatic locking is not used.

ackelstroem ( 2014-06-11 10:52:48 +0300 )edit

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answered 2014-10-01 12:41:49 +0300

nthn gravatar image

You can immediately lock the phone by installing the following package: https://openrepos.net/comment/3470 and adding that to your custom pulley menu shortcuts. Then, on the lock screen, all that is required is just an extra pull to select the 'Lock Device' option.

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Thats great, but why Jolla don't add such a function themselves?

Daniel ( 2014-10-01 17:43:05 +0300 )edit

Yes! Exactly! That is good temporary bubble gum fix :) It would be still nice to implement it to Sailfish "distro".

TsakNorris ( 2014-10-02 12:11:21 +0300 )edit
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