Number of opening browser tabs increases gradually when following new notifications [not relevant]

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since the latest update ( Ohijärvi) has the browser on my Jolla started to have a life of its own. When getting a new Facebook or Twitter notification and tapping it to open it in browser, the browser opens several tabs at the same time. I assume it not only opens the page for the latest notification, but also the pages opened from previous notifications, which is a bit unnecessary.

I've tried to just close the additional tabs, but when the next notifications comes, they all are opened again and added by one more for the latest notification.

Is there something I can do myself to limit the number of tabs opening? I am only using the default browser that came with Jolla in the first place.

EDIT 11 Jan 2015: The issue has not occurred for a long time now and as no recent comment indicates others would still experience this, I now close this question.

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This is a setting on Windows Phone IE, it should be one on Sailfish Browser too. I'd like to have the behaviour that was before instead of needing to close unnecessary tabs all the time when opening links from other apps.

vasavr ( 2014-04-06 20:39:20 +0300 )edit