Calendar does not reflect updated meetings

asked 2014-03-19 15:57:52 +0300

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Hi all,

I'm running the latest version of Sailfish (upgraded yesterday). I find that calendar updates to existing entries never get picked up and shown in the Calendar app. For example, I had a meeting invite sent to me by a colleague for a meeting today at 4pm, but a few days ago she updated it to happen next Wednesday. All looks good in my Outlook Calendar (we use Office 365/Outlook) but when I view the Calendar on my Jolla the meeting still shows up for today at 4pm. It hasn't updated. What's the current situation with this? Am I supposed to enable some settings to fix this or is that a new feature request/bug? Doesn't feel quite prime time yet, if my Jolla calendar is going to be sending me off to fantom meetings! :-(

Regards, Kaustav

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Does mail sync work as expected?

tingo ( 2014-03-19 22:59:57 +0300 )edit