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Hey guys! After searching and doing some research i found my solution, and that is Sailfish! Sailfish is fresh and like the direction you are moving in.

So earlier this week i went and bought a Nokia N9 to be part of this whole experience... there is a few bugs but still better than android! On the 17th i tried upgrading to the latest firmware (currently on and played around with it, after enabling the graphics mode the left part of my screen went red, and when i go into my settings the right part also goes red... restarted a few times and could not get rid of the red on the screen. There was my option to upgrade but just couldn't see, so i decided to reload everything. Now my version is running stable and very happy, but just can't get to trigger the update, so i googled a bit and saw you can trigger it through the terminal. After installing the latest firmware and a reboot it crashed... the whole system froze up and some stuff didn't work. You guessed it, i reloaded the whole system again he he and now after running my stable version for 2-3 days i just cannot get my update to trigger... i saw under my Jolla account settings online there was 5 or 6 applications so i deleted them and see my device is registered with Jolla, i saw in one post a guys said you can edit the ssu.ini file and insert your app store credentials in. it says permissions denied, and also think that is my reason i cannot trigger the update...

Please help i like this OS and would like to update to the latest version!!!!!

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I am not sure whether you meet the right people here: People here have mainly Sailfish running on a Jolla handset, i.e. the original. Sailfish has been ported to Nokia N9, but as far as I know incomplete (e.g. Android compatibility layer Alien Dalvik is not included). For Sailfish on N9 I suggest, you (also) visit TMO (; just search for Sailfish + N9).

jgr ( 2014-03-22 00:37:30 +0300 )edit

:-( OK? will try that... Thanx

Moskonfyt ( 2014-03-22 00:41:47 +0300 )edit