Why does the installer require an internet connection ? [not relevant]

asked 2014-03-24 22:12:40 +0300

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Since the update, the installer insists on an internet connection to install a local rpm file (one I have copied to the phone via an PC connection), even though the package does not request anything not already installed.

Until the installation of the same package didn't need an internet connection!


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After clearing out and deleting ambiences, including The_First_One, I was not connected to the internet.

Upon putting my poppy red TOH back on, installation failed because the 'Store' couldn't connect. Once I reconnected, restarted The_First_One installation again and all was fine.

It is apparent from the earlier days, that Jolla Store has to have a connection to allow user processes, some sort of safety/security/ID feature perhaps?, bearing in mind that SF is no longer BETA.

I know you say you already had the app on your phone, but I still think my point is valid based on this from jolla.zendesk;



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