[Question] I installed with openrepos activated, what to do to correct potential damage?

asked 2014-03-26 14:18:36 +0300

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updated 2014-07-31 14:23:18 +0300

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So , I noticed warnings to disable openrepos too late, and had run the update already. Nothing went badly wrong, and the device seems to work fine. However, I have heard people say improved battery time and device generally significantly. I have seen slightly more battery consumption and actually quite much more hangings and restarts. Or a least seen some.

Now, what can I do to make sure none of my problems are caused by something that happened with openrepos at release update?

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AFAIK only one repo was causing the problem. If you didn't have it enabled or haven't installed software from it there was no problem.

ApB ( 2014-03-26 14:34:57 +0300 )edit

which one ?

karlefr ( 2014-03-26 15:35:43 +0300 )edit


NielDK repository but it doesn't matter anymore. Jolla solved this so there will be no similar problems again. Nothing to worry about.

ApB ( 2014-03-26 15:47:30 +0300 )edit