Cannot delete duplicate playlist after upgrade to

asked 2014-03-26 20:49:15 +0300

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Hi All,

Before upgrade to I had playlists in the Music directory on the sd card that the media player picked up correctly (.pls files). I had hard coded the old sd mount point.

After upgrading to Each playlist was listed twice Obviously neither played because of the changes to the SD mount point (at least Android can see the sd card now - not that I seem to use it anymore too much).

Using the media app I could delete one of the entries for each playlist but I cannot delete the 2nd.

I have checked /media/sdcard/<blah>/Music and there are no pls under here anymore. I have checked /home/nemo/Music/playlists and there are no playlists under here anymore. Yet the playlists are still listed.</blah>

Is there some way of completely clearing the media player entries - reboot and get it to re-read from the locations. I am guessing there is a sqlite3 db or some such that forms the back end of the app, any idea where this is? Failing that, any advise?

Thanks very much Simon

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Better late than never!, I've just had a similar problem. The fix is to open Terminal, get root and type tracker-control -es

Spam Hunter ( 2014-08-25 14:09:23 +0300 )edit