Email: Wrong sorting labels in multi-selection

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updated 2014-12-21 00:35:20 +0300

When you see a list of messages in the email app, messages are separated with different subheadings according to the sorting order being used. ("A", "B", "C" ... for alphabetical sortings, "Large", "Medium", "Small" for size order, etc.)

When you choose "Select emails" from the pulley menu, the sorting order is retained. Naturally the subheadings should also stay the same. But instead, the appropriate subheadings are replaced by dates ("Yesterday", "Monday", "Older", etc.)

As the messages are not necessarily in chronological order, there may be subheading "Friday" with one message under it, then "Older" with a couple of messages, then "Friday" again ... so these subheadings make no sense.

Example image: On the left, messages sorted by sender; on the right, in selection mode, messages still sorted by sender but with wrong subheadings.

(Edit: Problem persists in

image description

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