Stabilize the Sailfish Media API and Provide Harbour Support for Video Apps

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Currently Jolla-Harbour does not accept applications that attempt to import 1.0. This has resulted in two responses from community application developers:

  1. Don't release your video playing application (e.g. LLsVideoPlayer, TVHeadFish) on the Jolla store and rely on
  2. Cheat the harbour QA checker by importing the library directly within your compiled code so that the QA can't detect it (e.g. YtPlayer).

The reason that applications are not currently meant to use this library is because its API is not stable yet and is subject to change in a future release. When it changes the above mentioned applications may break. So the reasoning behind this is valid.

That said, it is currently very very difficult for anyone to develop a video playing application for Jolla without using this library. So, I'm asking if some priority can be given toward defining a stable API for Sailfish Media and then making that available to the community so that we can develop better media applications that are available to Jolla users in the Jolla store.

As part of this request, although it is a little abstract, I would like to see the Gstreamer packages updated from gstreamer-0.10 to gstreamer-1.0 to resolve a number of issues with video playback.

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After all, the 0.10 series of gstreamer is no longer maintained, even. (Relatedly, I'm really glad they transitioned to a less insane versioning scheme, even if the jump itself is kindof silly.)

keithzg ( 2014-03-27 21:46:51 +0300 )edit