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One thing is still missing.

i really can't get any notifications from threema.

EDIT: i can't understand it. now i have notifications but no sound. and the notification is only visible in the notification screen but not on the front screen like new SMS or e-mail.

EDIT 2:closed because of this: https://together.jolla.com/question/25965/android-apps-dont-trigger-any-notification-sounds/

EDIT 3: did not delete because this may help to avoid an other questions like this from impatient persons like me...

these tips do not help/work for me:



Does anybody get notifications? If yes: what do i have to do?

Here is what i did, probably this has an effect. - i bought the app @threema and i am now using my existing account an my jolla. i transferred my ID.

thanks very much.

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