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callendar alarm GMT time

asked 2014-03-30 08:02:43 +0300

Rashed Albloushi gravatar image

I set United Arab Emirates as my time zone, however, the alarm notifications in the screen shows the GMT time. but when i go to the calendar, i see the local time. can you please assist.

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answered 2014-04-01 21:17:12 +0300

sunkan gravatar image

I noticed that my calendar was off 2 hours (I'm in Sweden so now when we are on summer time we have GMT+2). A reboot of the phone fixed it for me so it might be the same for you.

I have not seen it before so I suspect that it has to do with the changing to summer time this weekend. My uptime on the phone before the reboot was 6 days.

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We don't have summer timing. I have this problem since beginning, but I thought the new update will resolve it, but it is still there.

The calendar time is fine, however, the notification on the screen gives GMT timing

Rashed Albloushi ( 2014-04-02 06:55:53 +0300 )edit
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