crash report, including cat /proc/cmdline picture

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This morning I started the camera app to shoot a picture of some demolishion activities going on next door.

The camera app froze and the phone reacted by offering to wait or close the camera app. I chose "close" but nothing much happened. Soon after the screen went black and the phone's led began to flash fast at about 2Hz.

After a while the screen came back up with the original applications still present in the multitasking screen.

Switching to any application was extremely slow and resulted in another 2Hz led flashing cycle.

In between I managed to follow stskeeps advice and run a cat /proc/cmdline and shoot a picture of the result with my regular camera.

image description

Some maybe not so relevant backgroud: I charge the phone at night while in "flight-mode" and sound switched "off" (still a manual action). In the mornings I reverse the situation.

Hope this is useful a crash report. If not I wouldn't mind advice on how to proceed next time to generate some useful user feedback.


This morning I got the same thing. No application running. Just switching from flight-mode to regular gave me the flashing led and quick "reboot" (or is it that?)

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