Android apps close/minimalize gesture doesn't rotate with landscape mode, as native apps do. [duplicate]

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When closing or minimalising a native app with a gesture, the direction rotates with you if you are viewing the app in landscape mode. Within Android-apps, this doesn't happen. To make clear what I mean: Open native app, close app swiping up to down (up is now narrow side of screen). Open native app, rotate phone, so app views in landscape mode. Close app swiping up to down (in this case, up is the wide size of the screen). I very often minimalize/close the android app where I wanted to do the other action.

I think the android emulator itself needs to recognize when the phone is held in landscape mode and set the right behaviour concerning gestures (visuals are handed correctly).

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Rather a duplicate of this:, which was already a duplicate. As stated by @chemist, there are already a dozen like this...

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Um, unfortunately I was both serious and sloppy! I didn't think to check the dates at all! Removing comment.

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Actually, Chemist claims that there was an older original, but never gave a link to it. Where is it??? Otherwise I propose we re-open the oldest one we can find, and right now it is that Feb '14 post.

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