Automatic updates

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It hit some people hard when N900's auto-repo-update downloaded 16MB on mobile-data (feature-request), back then we changed the check-interval to every year or something.

For now it's all good as it is but; how about Automatic Updates and a tab in Settings?!

  • Automatic installation [Auto|Ask|Off*]
  • Notifications [Auto*|Lock-screen only|Events-screen only|Off]
  • Check for Updates [On*|Off]
    • interval [monthly|weekly|daily*]
    • connections [WLan only*|WLan-4G|WLan-4G-3G|WLan-4G-3G-EDGE|Always]

* default

A checkbox included in the store to mark apps for automatic updates would come handy too.

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it seems closely related to my TJC report:

which one do we merge into the other? ( 2014-04-03 15:09:37 +0300 )edit I think it is best to link them and keep both open, I did not find yours when searching for automatic updates. You are basically asking to have a toggle to activate updates on 3G too. I ask to have it overall managed by settings including automatic installation. I include your link in the post.

chemist ( 2014-04-03 15:22:32 +0300 )edit