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There is a problem with the order of the app icons as other reports already have mentioned.

I know that there are discussions how to solve the problem (folders, automatic sort ...) but i want to know how sailfish sort it right now.

I could write a small script which restores the order for me if I just new what sailfish does.

If I could get a hint where this is documented i will be happy. Somebody knows and is willing to share his knowledge ... even better. And if it is a bug in the source code than let me know so I stop looking for a solution.

Any help will be appreciated.

edit1: I am talking about the order of the app-icons on the Launcher screen.

I heard that about the installation sequence before. But what exactly is it that Sailfish uses to determine when/at what time an app is installed (imho it is not ctime or mtime) if this is the sorting mechanism.

Following the Nix philosophy "Everything is a File" let me rephrase:

Is there a file i can manipulate to change the order of the app icons at the launcher screen?

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I am not sure whether I understand you problem right: You have

  • Home screen: 4 items with a Sailfish defined but user adjustable selection and order.
  • Launcher screen: Selection and order according to your installation sequence but order is user adjustable

It has been reported, that user adjustment may become reset under certain conditions: Just search here on Together.

jgr ( 2014-04-04 02:06:23 +0300 )edit

i would like to see options for the apps to be sorted in several ways, such as: most used, if there is no folders then this will.help

madcheeze ( 2014-05-01 10:10:31 +0300 )edit