Bug: fingerterm rendering blurry with vkb in 'move' mode

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Still present in

There's a minor bug with the rendering in fingerterm if one enables the 'move' mode for the vkb (rather than the default 'fade' mode. Not sure if it's a screen scaling thing but when the vkb is 'up' the text is slightly blurry and harder to read. I should note that this is with a smaller font size and that this is on a Jolla. Behaviour on the Nexus 4 is different as the Silica version of fingerterm doesn't have these keyboard overlay options.

Please compare the attached screenshots.

Here is the Blurry:


Here is the non-blurry:

Not blurry:

Here is an overlay (in GIMP) of the line 'EGL_PLATFORM=wayland' and the lines either side of it. The image is composed of two layers:

Bottom layer: non-blurry Top layer: crop of the text, moved to the same position

The layer view has been changed from 'Normal' to 'Difference' If the lines were identical all of the text should be invisible.


[Edit 19th of April 2014]

As discussed here it looks like this version of fingerterm will eventually go away in favour of the newer Silica components version.

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Isn't this just a problem of the not-pitch-black background?

jgr ( 2014-04-07 12:00:47 +0300 )edit