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Notification previews

asked 2014-04-07 19:16:24 +0300

halo gravatar image

A couple questions related to the Sailfish implementation of the Freedesktop notifications API:

1) Is it possible to show notification previews on the screen when the phone is locked and wakes up due to an incoming call (while having the “Allow feeds while locked” option enabled)?

2) Is it possible to control (or at least wish) how long the notification preview is visible on the screen? Based on my experiments the argument “Expiration timeout” does not have impact either on the preview nor on the notification list but the preview always seems to expire in approx. 3 seconds. In my case I would like to keep a notification on the screen slightly longer to increase the chance that user actually sees it.

3) Is there a publicly available specification (source code is good enough too :) of the nemo (and / or possible Sailfish specific) notification hints (e.g. x-nemo-...)?

I have written a small Python caller id daemon (based on some N9 related examples discussed on TMO just for educating myself) that listens to Ofono VoiceCallManager for incoming calls and then tries to find a name for the caller from the web. The daemon sends a notification over DBus with the caller name filled in the preview summary and body fields (x-nemo-...) which does result in the notification preview being shown on the top of the screen if initially 1) the phone is unlocked and display is on, or 2) the phone is unlocked and display is off but not when the phone is locked.

As a workaround, user can of course slide up the notifications view while the phone is ringing too but that's not very user-friendly. Because of this behavior, showing notification previews should not raise a privacy issues either if user has enabled the option “Allow feeds while locked”.

A somewhat similar request is documented in https://together.jolla.com/question/20481/preview-received-sms-on-lock-screen-at-reception-time/ However, that question asks for specific behavior in a certain use case with the Jolla core applications while I'm looking for the technical information for implementing something similar in another use case.

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answered 2014-12-31 17:37:55 +0300

venusingri gravatar image

updated 2014-12-31 17:38:33 +0300

i liked the idea if only it is possible

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