2nd upfacing camera to capture hand gestures to UI?

asked 2013-12-27 17:27:20 +0300

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Could be used to get a higher then 2D data set for stereoscopic photogrammetrical solution to read hand gestures.

The few-megapixel camera is like few euros, maybe 5€, off the conveyor belt.

Naturally one needs tapping, swiping as well but hand gesture or "Airswiping"

I'd imagine it be activated when placed on special pad or just otherwise flatlying evenly or with special touch gesture activation

HP is going to do it with Leap whatwasit and AAPL, GOOG et al will follow suit, MSFT is sorta doing it in the games console side, what about Jolla?

one swipe down == lowers volume a little two or three swipes down == volume down left swipe == back to start of song ....

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