[feature-request] Camera shutter trigger, mode change

asked 2014-04-11 12:16:01 +0300

JoneK gravatar image

updated 2014-06-09 12:02:36 +0300

IZ1IVA gravatar image

Would it be possible to make the camera shutter trigger activate when the button is pushed down?

Currently after I put my finger on the button it does nothing, and after I release it, It will activate the shutter. With the current mode the phone shakes after I release the pressure from the button.

Would it be possible to make a mode when you push the button, it will trigger the shutter after the shaking has stopped, say 0.2 s after the button has been pushed and while it's been pushed.

I have more control over the phone/shaking If I keep more fingers on the phone. Especially with cold fingers it is better to have the shutter trigger finger on the button while the picture is taken.

I suggest dual mode (you could change if from settings)

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Kristjan ( 2014-05-22 23:21:40 +0300 )edit

it would be also much better that photo is taken right after (at least faster) pushing camera shutter trigger. otherwise as JoneK mentioned phone will start shaking during taking picture. unfortunately i'm not able to hold my phone statically for 1-2 seconds and so present solution offers quite bad user experience.

Kristjan ( 2014-05-22 23:39:26 +0300 )edit

I agree, it's a great idea and it should be an option in settings.

IZ1IVA ( 2014-06-09 12:01:02 +0300 )edit