[Bug] Messages app unable to handle long strings correctly

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The native messages application is unable to handle long strings and such long strings won't 'fit' into the input field.

Affected devices and versions

First I reported this issue with the Sailfish OS version and I am still able to reproduce this on my Jolla 1 Phone running on Sailfish OS

How to reproduce

  1. Open the native messages application
  2. Use the pulley menu to create a new message
  3. Type the following text into the message input field:

  4. Results:

    • The long string does not fit into the message input field and overlaps the current time (and character counter).
    • If the long (connected) string takes up three lines then all the characters from the third line will disappear under the keyboard

A long string will be (temporary) placed correctly into the input field by

  • moving the cursor to the recipient input field
  • writing a dot (.) or adding a space character
  • write a long connected string with > 64 characters (> 96/1 with activated character counter) - But after once adding a space character and deleting it directly again this bug is also triggerd again

Further information

The following screeenshot demonstrates this bug.

image description

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