What is the participation and contribution policy for Jolla's open source contributors in open source projects?

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Version: 16 April 2014

Edit on 16 April 2014: Adjust language a little bit to make it clearer

This is a copy of Jolla's Participation and contribution policy for Jolla's open source contributors in open source projects. It is taking effect as of 15th April 2014 but may take some time to fully show its full effects within the open source projects that Jolla employees are participating in.

It's meant as both an internal policy and something for community members and participants of open source projects to better understand how to deal with Jolla employees, their actions, statements, etc. where they're encountered, in and outside official communication channels.

When you as a Jolla employee are participating in open source projects, you are participating as yourself. You have your own opinions and do not speak on behalf of the company unless explicitly stated in your statements. If an official response from Jolla is needed, request to contact Jolla through established communication channels listed at jolla.com and sailfishos.org.

As a Jolla employee participating/contributing as part of your work in open source projects or maintaining open source projects you are however expected to - based on a subset of Jolla values:

  • Be transparent externally - be active in communication channels of the projects you are part of, maintain public roadmaps, respond to bug reports, make others aware of your work and activities in public.
  • To respect open source community contribution. Jolla is open source driven, originates from open source and is built on open source.
  • Respect other people’s work and expertise - be meritocratic in commit privileges, be open to other views despite disagreements
  • Respect customers and partners - our open source contributors are also our customers and partners, or our future customers. Likewise don't disclose partners data that you have no permission to disclose.
  • DIT – doing it together - to actively pursue and nurture community/customer involvement in your open source projects
  • Be diplomatic in your daily communication, resolve disagreements and conflicts using the methods of the given open source project. If problems escalate or pre-exist, seek advice and guidance before taking hard action.

Understand that participation in official Jolla communication channels(such as sailfish.org, official IRC channels, social media presence, etc) does mean that you are representing Jolla as part of your work. Please consult with the owner of the communication channel for guidance on behaviour and in case of problematic situations. Exercise caution in what you say and promise.

As a open source contributor, if you experience that the employees of Jolla when contributing as part of their work are not adhering to these expectations, contact developer-care at jolla.com for a discussion about the problem at hand.

We ask that you attempt to resolve personal disagreements and conflicts using discussion, diplomacy and the methods of the given open source project that you are both participating in first as Jolla employees are first and foremost participating as their personal selves in open source projects.

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shouldn't this be an answer?

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It is A Very Good Thing(tm) to have this written down and published for all! Thank you Jolla!

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