Mobile and WiFi icons on system settings short-cut screen: Inconsistent

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The state indication of the mobile data and WiFi icons on the system settings short-cut screen is inconsistent:

For Flight Mode and Bluetooth the icons mean:

  • Lit (bright) = activated
  • Off (almost dark) = deactivated

For mobile data and WiFi the icons seem to mean:

  • Lit (bright) = enabled (connection may be there or not)
  • Off (almost dark) = disabled (no connection)

(To get the current state you have to check the data connection icon on the lock screen or check the IP address: Only one data link is shown there. However you cannot be sure that the other connection option is not up as well -- and counting in case of time-based schemes or even available for incoming connection attempts, e.g. ssh.)

Possible solution:

There is an "intermediate" icon state, as seen when flight mode is activated: WiFi and mobile data icon are both darkened but differ now. This should be used for all 4 icons:

  • Lit (bright) = activated
  • Lit (between almost dark and bright) = stand-by (to be activated when needed; no status for flight mode)
  • Off (almost dark) = disabled

Just to make clear, which screen I am talking about (taken from Mobile Data icon "greyed out" on Settings app cover even if switch is ON):

Settings short-cut screen with mobile data and WiFi activated

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Although I remember having it seen some time, I did not remember it when writing my question. However, that is about the settings cover, this is about the settings short-cut screen. But that question gave me a good screenshot :-)

jgr ( 2014-04-16 01:34:35 +0300 )edit